My Construct 2 blog

Hey to all Constructors and others who may be interested in Construct 2. I .jayderyu am starting up a new blog to talk about C2 and my progress, hurdles and interesting tidbits regarding C2.

First let’s answer the question for those new to Construct 2. C2 is a brilliantly designed IDE toolkit that lowers the barrier to create games. When I say lowers the barriers I say it in a way that the barrier has never been lower.

C2 first and foremost goes the extra mile to reduce the traditional text based programming style. The majority of  programming with C2 is done by selecting Conditions and Actions, and the selecting objects and options using the mouse. There are still times where the most simple text written code is required, but those are few and presented in an easy to understand way.

All of this provides one of the best introductions to programming. There are trade offs to all of this, but we will get to those as they come up.