Construct 2 is a fantastic tool for creating HTML 5 games. C2 provides an IDE that requires no traditional text based code writing required for game development. No syntax errors, easy drag & drop, click and create system; no other game tool lowers the hurdle so low to create games.

If your new to Construct 2, C2 can be found here in this big link.

.jayderyu’s Construct 2 goodies is a shop to provide CAPX, tutorials and other helpful assets to Construct 2 developers. This site and my work is dedicated to make C2 developers lives easier. The C2 capxs TOOLS are designed with the following philosophical design rules.

  • Unit Test design
    This provides packed programming code that is concise in design and does not span all over the place. Well packaged code is easy to maintain, offers reduced errors and easier to identify performance problems.
  • Documented Code
    One of the primary factors for sharing code is disciplined documentation. Many hours if not days can be lost trying to puzzle together what one piece of code does with the other pieces of code. Solid documentation makes understanding, finding and changing parts of the code easier.
  • Functions
    At the core of any well designed program is code reduction and easily accessible code. The best way to do is through Functions. All CAPX are designed with this in mind from the first Events. The use of Functions allow easy use of the functionality with the program features.
  • Sample
    All code comes with a rudimentary sample that shows a basics of how to use the Functions of the CAPX feature program.
  • Migration
    Your creation is the centre of all code and that’s our philosophy when I write a C2 program for reuse. ┬áDocumentation instructions are added to CAPX to make migration of EventSheets and Objects as easy as possible into your works.

* capx that not tools will often be more lean as they are not written for the same level utilitarian use.

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