Derelict On-line Project – Prelude

Hey all Constructors. Today I am introducing the Derelict On-line project. DOL is an on-line multi-player board game persistent role playing game. That’s going to need some explaining. Players play a character that grows over time in an on-line game. The on-line game’s main game play style is more in the style of a board game. Players flip cards, move around a board and change strategy based on the random events that occur.

This game is going to make use of the C2 Multiplayer Plugin and veryimportant is going to be mobile platform development. So from day one testing will be done actively on an Android device (iOS does not have WebRTC at this time). My Android device is an Acer A500 with a Tegra2 chip.

DOL will present players with a HUB set of gathering rooms to handle character orientated activities (shop, bank, customization). Players will also be able to enter chat areas and gathering locations to meet up with others to play on the game board world.

DOL game board play is at the heart of the game experience. However the presentation and other game interaction experience will be more like a Point and Click adventure.

The purpose of writing a Blog on DOL is important in two ways. On one side I want the community to see the development progress of a Construct2 on-line game. And the other is that active feedback is primary importance to the development of iterative game play design.

Now that the introduction is out of the way the caveat is that at this time I’m very busy. I have limited time and won’t be able to work on the project every day.


  • Derelict On-Line(DOL) project
  • Public exposure to feedback
  • Multi-player on-line with C2 Multi-player plugin
  • Mobile focus, but with desktop
  • Updates when able


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