Cross Control(XControl) WIP

DOL is kinda on hold due to me being super busy… for a year. However, I still like to tinker¬†with some game prototypes and lay a foundation. So that’s when I sat down and started with a Smash Bros like system. Once again, I was struck with having to face developing a complicated input system again.

Previously I have developed a multi input system in C2. The system was meant to be ported to other projects. In the hopes to make multi input schemes easier. The system worked, but porting C2 projects into another is mentally painful.

At this point I have had enough of re-inventing C2 wheel. I stand by the belief that C2 should only have feature/plugins interact with each other. If a new feature is needed then develop the system with the C2 sdk. This has led to the development of XControl.

XControl was developed to handle multi input sources and create a Input to Action binding. This allows for a pool of players, and control inputs to filter down to the same set of Actions.

XControl is near completion and will be going into to beta shortly. This will likely be released on the C2 Asset store in a bundle with license to the plugin.  If allowed to release as such.

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